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our worldview

We believe that God is the Ultimate Reality and that ultimate truth is accurately revealed to us through Scripture in an understandable way.
We recognize our fallen condition and the depravity of our world blinds everyone, us included, but we affirm that believers can and must understand reality through the lens of God’s revealed Word.
We affirm that every field of study or avenue of soul care should have a biblical foundation and should exist to glorify God. As such, we believe that salvation is found only in Christ and that any religion, philosophy, or system of thought that fails to completely submit itself to Scripture is spiritually and eternally dangerous.
In a culture of death, we affirm that God made mankind in His image and that He alone can restore sinners from our fallen condition.
We believe the proclamation of the gospel is the normal means that God uses to redeem and transform fallen humanity and we are grateful that, in His grace, our world is not as evil as it could be.
We believe that Christians should use their occupations, interests,and activities to promote God’s glory and the good of all mankind in a manner that is consistent with biblical principle.