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Seven Lesson Series on How We Got Our Bible

The last few months our church family has been studying the Gospel of John. We have seen Jesus revealed as God in human flesh, as the prophesied Messiah, and as the Savior of sinful men. The Apostle recorded the words and works of Jesus so that his readers might believe and have eternal life.

But how can we be certain that these words were even written by John? And if they were, how do we know that John’s writing is accurate? And even if John’s original Gospel is accurate, how can we be confident that it was copied correctly over the centuries? And even if it has been copied correctly in the Greek language, how can we know if it has been accurately translated into English? If we cannot trust the Bible, why should we devote our time to hearing it and reading it? And if we are not confident in its authority, why should we obey its instructions and trust in its eternal promises?
This summer we will be answering these questions and many others in a seven-lesson series entitled “How We Got Our Bible.” Pastor Webber and I will be sharing the history of the Scriptures over the centuries. I think you will find this history fascinating and helpful. I trust you will plan to hear the first lesson this Sunday night at 6:00 PM. My goal is to increase your confidence in the Scriptures that God has providentially preserved for us.
God bless,
Pastor Kevin Wiliams
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